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Community Relations

Community Relations

In almost all decisions of government there are active third party groups and individuals (even other governments) who claim a stake in the outcome. They can significantly impact how government decision-makers treat your request. These groups and individuals may support or oppose you so need to be engaged early and often. We can help you identify, understand and communicate with them, help you consolidate and activate supporters and address the concerns of opponents.

Together with our clients we plan and implement a variety of public relations, media relations, advertising, public speaking, special event and other engagement tools that support the overall lobbying effort and are consistent with clients’ broader communications goals. 

The JMA Advantage

You won’t find another BC-based lobbying and communications firm with personnel more experienced in government (50+ years), in politics (50+ campaigns) and in lobbying governments (50+ years). Those decades of experience – and the contacts they’ve generated – enable us to solve your government relations problems quickly, quietly and in a way that fits your budget.