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Our Story

Our Story

About Us

John Moonen & Associates Ltd. has been providing professional lobbying advice and services to clients throughout Canada since 2001.  John Moonen is one of the most experienced lobbyists in BC. He has been successfully helping companies, industry & professional associations, community groups and public bodies get what they want from governments for over 30 years.  His experience is truly unmatched. Thus, making him one of the most trusted and recommended lobbyists in BC. He has worked as an in-house lobbyist for the Jim Pattison Group, a lawyer and senior civil servant for the Government of British Columbia and a partner in western Canada’s largest lobbying firm. 

John’s associates include Kirk Miller and Stephen Bruyneel. Both of who bring decades of experience at the senior levels of government and communications, the community/charitable sector and public affairs in BC.

JMA’s clients have included many of British Columbia’s largest public and private companies. Numerous industry and professional associations; municipalities; private individuals; Crown corporations, ministries and agencies of the provincial government; major hospitals; charitable organizations; and community groups. John, Kirk and Stephen have also served on the boards of dozens of BC-based educational bodies, political organizations, community groups and business associations. Members of the JMA team have campaigned for dozens of Members of Parliament, MLAs, Cabinet ministers, mayors and councillors from parties as diverse as the NDP, Conservative (both Progressive & otherwise), Liberal (BC & otherwise), Social Credit and the Vancouver Non-Partisan Association, Canada’s oldest and most successful municipal party.

No other lobbying firm in BC has JMA’s level of experience actually working within the provincial civil service. When it comes to trusting a team to get you what you want from government, there is no need to look elsewhere.

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Our Mission

At John Moonen & Associates, we believe it is the right of every company, organization and individual operating or residing in Canada to lobby federal, provincial and municipal decision-makers to secure legislative change, obtain government approvals, secure public funding and resolve their disputes with government.

Extraordinary Experience

John Moonen & Associates offers its clients several unique advantages over other lobbying firms:

  1. Insights gained from decades of active participation in government and political campaigning in BC.  We have seen first-hand the impact that government decisions have on individuals, companies and other organizations.  We understands the pressures faced by elected and non-elected officials and we are experienced at managing sensitive political issues.
  2. Extensive personal and professional contacts with hundreds of BC MLAs, ministers, mayors, councillors and MPs of all political parties, and their staffs.
  3. Direct experience lobbying every Social Credit, NDP and BCLiberal provincial administration since 1987;  every Liberal and Conservative federal government since 1988;  and over 70 BC municipalities, some for several decades.
  4. Senior level decision-making skills as executives in both the public and private sectors, with direct experience designing and implementing scores of lobbying, strategic communications and community relations campaigns.
  5. Extensive media relations expertise, with personal and professional contacts with many journalists.
  6. Experience practicing law in both the private and public sectors – providing an insight into the complex legal and regulatory environments in which our clients and government decision-makers operate.
  7. A 35-year record of success in helping clients get what they want from government as experienced lobbyists in BC.