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John Moonen & Associates Ltd.

John Moonen & Associates Ltd.

John Moonen is one of the most experienced government relations professionals in British Columbia. Since 1987 he has lobbied every provincial administration – Social Credit, NDP and BCLiberal – through five changes in government, as well as 70+ municipalities and numerous federal decision-makers.

John has worked as an in-house lobbyist for the Jim Pattison Group, a lawyer and senior civil servant for the Government of British Columbia, an account executive at a Vancouver-based advertising agency and a partner in western Canada’s largest public affairs consultancy. For the past decade he has provided a wide range of professional lobbying services and advice through his own firm John Moonen & Associates Ltd.

John’s clients have included many of BC’s largest public and private companies; BC-based industry and professional associations; Crown corporations, ministries, municipalities and other public bodies; and charitable organizations and community groups. Throughout his career John has served on the boards of dozens of BC-based educational bodies, political organizations, community groups and business associations. He has been a keynote speaker and contributing writer on a range of topics including lobbying, political organization and government relations.

As a government relations professional John offers his clients:

  •  The insights gained from decades of active participation in public affairs in BC. He has seen first-hand the impact that government decisions can have on individuals, companies and other organizations. He understands the pressures faced by elected and non-elected officials and he’s experienced at managing sensitive political issues.

  • Extensive personal and professional contacts with hundreds of BC mayors, councillors, MPs, MLAs and ministers of all political parties and their professional staffs.

  • Direct experience lobbying every Social Credit, NDP and BCLiberal provincial administration through five changes in government; every Liberal and Conservative federal government since 1987; and over seventy BC municipalities through nine local government election cycles.

  • Senior level decision-making skills as an executive in both the public and private sectors, with direct experience designing and implementing scores of lobbying and strategic communications campaigns.

  • Extensive media relations expertise, including liaising with journalists, acting as media spokesperson, preparing news releases, writing speeches and arranging news conferences, with personal contacts with many BC journalists.

  • A legal background - including experience practicing law in both the private and public sectors in BC – providing an insight into the complex legal and regulatory environments in which his clients and governments must operate.

JMA’s associates Kirk Miller and Stephen Bruyneel also enjoy a broad mix of government, political and public affairs experience in BC. They have helped shape a wide variety of government decisions, policies and programs over the past 30 years.

Together we can ensure your voice is heard and your interests are addressed when a provincial, federal or municipal government is making a decision that affects your business, your organization or your industry.

Email: johnmoonen@publicaffairsnetwork.com
Phone: 604.921.6433

Professional advice and services provided include:

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